Desktop Timer

Desktop Timer

What is Desktop Timer?

Desktop Timer is a free task reminder with a big clock. Each defined task has its independent countdown counter, which informs about time remain to the task begin. If the defined task time is reached, it plays an alarm sound. This tool was made with Microsoft Silverlight and therefore can be used directly from its web page or can be installed as other programs on the Desktop and run even when the computer is offline.
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What are the main features of Desktop Timer?

Desktop Timer has the following key features:
  • big display with current date and current time
  • countdown counter with time remain to the task begin
  • alarm sound when the task begins or up to few minutes earlier
  • task list with support for many tasks

Why is this Desktop Timer better than any other Timer?

Some advantages of Desktop Timer comparing to other timers are as follows:
  • you can use it from your browser, like a normal web page
  • you can install and start it as a normal program from your desktop
  • you can easily uninstall the program if you don't like it
  • there are no additional user rights required to install/uninstall the program
  • its intuitive user interface is very easy to use even for not advanced users

What are the system requirements of Desktop Timer?

If you can't see the main screen of Desktop Timer

Screenshot of Desktop Timer

but you see the following sign


you need to install the Microsoft Silverlight* (ca. 6MB size).

Silverlight is a popular browser plug-in, almost the same as Adobe Flash. Silverlight is a subset of .NET Framework. You find more about Silverlight on Wikipedia or the Silverlight official page.

* - On Linux operating systems you use Moonlight instead of Silverlight.

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